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No Gold Without the Dragon: Wisdom Teachings of a Quantum Healer

Author: Heather Linn

2nd Edition, 6x9 368 p

Publisher: Sacred Dragon Publishing Services LLC

Distribution: Ingram Spark

ISBN 978-1-7366793-8-8 Paperback $21.95 

ISBN 979-8-98767649-0-1 Hardback $25.95

ISBN 978-1-7366793-9-5 EBook $9.95

BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit/ Healing /Energy

No Gold Without the Dragon is a quest for truth and transformation to heal the past and awaken higher consciousness. This captivating journey is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration and a transformation story for everyone seeking to live a soul-infused life.

Spanning more than three decades of compelling initiations and dramatic turns, the story brings you face-to-face with the author's inner dragons, which catalyze profound change and reveal spiritual gold for a higher path. Woven into the narrative are in-depth case studies drawn from the author's healing work over the past fifteen years, offering rare insight into the alchemical process of holistic healing and soul growth.


This captivating journey is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration and a transformation story for everyone seeking to live a soul-infused life.

About the Author

Heather Linn has a thriving healing practice in Cape Town, South Africa, and works online with clients worldwide. She is also the founder of The Emerald Wisdom School, an online learning portal for awakening hearts, and brings a wealth of experience as a healer to the School’s online courses and webinars. 

Find out more about Heather at

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No Gold
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Journey to True Self: Discover Your Divine Magnificence

Author: Anne M. Deatly, PhD

6x9, 244 p

Publisher: Sacred Dragon Publishing Services LLC

Distribution: Ingram Spark

ISBN 979-8-9876749-3-2 Paperback $18.95 

BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit, Healing Energy, Sacred Geometry

Journey to True Self explains that the spiritual journey is the reason we exist on Earth. There are many gateways to understand the truth and wisdom of the Universe and the truth of who we are. Wisdom is shared through energy healing, science, quantum physics, spirituality, Consciousness, and sacred geometry.

As you evolve on this spiritual journey, you are empowered to become connected to your True Authentic Self and discover your Divine Magnificence. The ultimate purpose of life is as the Divine intended to live as ONE humanity in peace, joy, and love. This book guides you to evolve into someone who contributes to this magnificent Divine Plan.

About the Author

Anne M. Deatly, PhD, is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Certified Practitioner, teacher, author, inspirational speaker, and CEO and Founder of E Quantum Breakthroughs (EQB). Bridging science, spirituality, and human potential through Consciousness, she shares how to tap into the wisdom of the body to transform your energies to be the highest version of yourself and live your best life. 

Find out more about Dr. Anne at

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Journey to True Self
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The Third Part: Our Connection to Oneness

Author: Steven Sarsfield

5.5 x 8.5, 211 p

Publisher: Sacred Dragon Publishing Services LLC

Distribution: Ingram Spark

ISBN 979-8-9876749-1-8 Paperback $17.95 

BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit/ Inspirational and Personal Growth

There is a huge disconnect in our society today. 95% of Americans profess a belief in God, but only 40% call themselves religious or spiritual, according to Pew Research. Dogma, politics, misbehaving leaders, and religious infighting have sent many scurrying from our places of worship.


The Third Part presents the primary laws of spiritual growth in an easy-to-grasp style, providing new options for seekers of truth dismayed by the current offerings in our religious and spiritual communities. It is eternal wisdom presented without fables, rituals, or doctrines.

Learn how to give spirituality new relevance within one’s life, family, and community. Discover the peace one longs for in the refuge of their own inner wisdom. Experience the wholeness of our divine nature. See what you will discover about your spiritual self and how to embrace it in life, family, and community.

About the Author

Steven Sarsfield is a lifelong artist and spiritual seeker who has traversed a diverse landscape of experiences. From humble beginnings in inner-city Pittsburgh to serving in the Navy and meeting the challenges of raising five children, his life has been a tapestry of contrasts. In each phase, he has found a unique way to infuse spirituality into his daily life, adding a deeper meaning to his journey. Steven's lifelong exploration of spiritual and religious meaning is evident in his unique approach to the metaphysical world. The Third Part, his personal interpretation of the spiritual realm and its accessibility, is a testament to his independent spirit.

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The Third Part
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Be Still My Heart 
A Book of Poetry

Author: Shaku Selvakumar

8.5x5.5, 140 p

Publisher: Sacred Dragon Publishing

Distribution: Ingram 

ISBN 978-1-7366793-5-7 Paperback $12.95

ISBN 978-1-7366793-7-1 Hardback $17.95

ISBN 978-1-7366793-6-4 EBook $7.99

Poet and storyteller, Shaku Selvakumar gathers wisdom gleaned from the seasons of her life as she explores the vast terrain of the heart and its power to hold and heal. Be Still My Heart is offered to meet the reader in those moments where truth lies only in the messages of your heart. Moving through the cycles of retreat and repair, where solace is found in the innermost quietude and self-reflection, to rejoicing in the nourishment of natural wonder and expanding into the renewal of fullness and abundance, this collection of poems serves as a trusted friend and guide.

Categories: non-fiction, poetry, general

About the Author

Shaku Selvakumar is a writer and marketing and communications executive who has worked for companies like IBM, Shell, and CognitiveScale. Currently, she is the founder of Activateen, which provides educational programs and content for teenagers and college students. She is also a speaker and a prolific writer. Her articles have appeared in various global publications. Shaku holds a BA in Literature and Sociology, a post-graduate degree in Mass Communications, and a master’s in business administration from the University of Bradford. She serves on the boards of Communities IN Schools Central Texas and Amplify Credit Union and is part of the Austin A-List committee for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. 

Find out more about Shaku at

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7x10, 282 p

Publisher: Sacred Dragon Publishing

Distribution: Ingram Spark

ISBN 978-1-7366793-2-6 Paperback $19.95

ISBN 978-1-7366793-4-0 EBook $9.99

As the first book of the Up! series, this 10-day workshop awakens readers to their full potential through the transformative meditations, personal reflection, and video downloads available to enhance their experience. This uniquely immersive approach offers a life-changing experience for transcending limiting beliefs, fear, and separation, inviting readers to step into the light of love, unity, vibrancy, peace, and prosperity of the fifth-dimensional paradigm.


BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration and Personal Growth / Healing /

Featured Author Book Cover 1.jpg

8.5 x 11, 418 p

Publisher: Sacred Dragon Publishing

Distribution: Ingram Spark

ISBN 978-1-7366793-3-3 Paperback $24.95

ISBN 978-1-7366793-1-9 EBook $9.99 

In the second book of the Up! series, readers are taken on a virtual journey to witness the unfolding of creation from the first thought in infinity to the expansion of eternity.  They learn how to experience themselves as a hologram of their eternal soul that has been fragmented into many time and space dimensions.  Through this powerful journey, readers are introduced to tools for reuniting all of their soul aspects and embracing their highest potential as eternal beings.  Along the way, they will discover how the power of Creator-consciousness brings matter into form through sound, visualization, and pure intention.

​BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration and Personal Growth / Spiritual Healing /

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Featured Author. Pic.jpg

About the Author

Suzanne Ross has dedicated her life to enhancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of her clients, readers, and followers. With over 25 years of experience as an Integrative Wellness Specialist, Suzanne has coached thousands of people, enhancing their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Through her books, services,  and events, she inspires and empowers her clients and followers to live their best life as their highest selves. Suzanne is the founder of SciSpi.Tv a progressive online TV network that merges Science and Spirituality to give us answers to the greatest mysteries of creation.

Find out more about Suzanne at

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