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one-stop intuitive support consciously created for you
Publishing services packages available for editing, standard and premium design options, and publishing support 


Give your book the professional look it deserves.


See your creative vision come to life through a design concept process that elevates your message and mission.


From cover design and illustrations to page layout and formatting, our design partners work with you to create a standout book. 


Professional editing is fundamental to improving your manuscript for publication. Our editing services elevate your manuscript based on your

vision, goals, and budget. 

  • Developmental editing is the most comprehensive type of editing for improving the overall style and structure of your manuscript.

  • Line editing smooths out sentence and paragraph structure to improve clarity and consistency.

  • Copyediting corrects grammar and punctuation to improve readability.

  • Proofreading is the final review for consistency and errors.

* Editing offered as a seperate service depending on availabiliy.
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Your book is Alive in vibration,  frequency, words, symbols, and art. Your book is Alive through the energy imprint of its creation.

  Experience our Quantum Creativity approach to ensure your book is Alive with its Highest Potential.


Studio services pricing varies depending on the publication option you chose. 


Self-publishing gives you the greatest flexibility in creating and publishing your book.

Hybrid publishing with the Sacred Dragon imprint provides the support of a publishing partnership with options for retaining creative control, foreign rights, author book sales, and generous royalties. 


Publishing your book is a personal journey of growth and visibility through the creative process. 

Your book also has its own energy
and life that takes you on a unique trajectory of your literary legacy

Experience Quantum Creativity through heart-centered intuitive support to help you reach your highest potential for creative joy and expression. 

Availability of studio services is at the sole discretion of Sacred Dragon Publishing

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