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Step One: The Consultation 

To get started, we offer free Intuitive consultation to determine co-resonance and the level of editing, design, and publishing services needed to meet your publishing vision, goals, and budget.

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Step Two: The Review 

Submit your draft manuscript for review and consideration for a Studio Services Publishing  Agreement. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be offered a proposed services agreement.*

*The offer of services is at the sole discretion of Sacred Dragon Publishing.

Step Three: The Studio 

Book creation starts with tailored publishing services. Editing support polishes your manuscript, freelance designers create your interior and cover wrap designs, and expert formatting brings it all together for paperback, hardback, and eBook production.  

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Take a Creative Joy Break! 

What puts you in the zone? As creatives, we all have our secret sauce that gets the creative juices flowing, elevating our vibrational frequency to tap into our highest potential. I call this elevated state Creative Joy! It's one of our greatest gifts. Open it often.

Movement is a great way to take a break. Check out how Andi taps into the Creative Joy vibe with friends!


Step Four: The Marketing Desk

While your manuscript is undergoing its transformation in the studio, our affiliate Sharon Castlen, owner of Integrated Book Marketing, is available for an initial consultation to discuss marketing options for your book and website. 


Find out more about Sharon at

Step Five: The Publishing Desk

As part of a well-planned launch campaign, your book is published through Sacred Dragon Publishing and released for worldwide distribution. 


Independent Book Publishers Association Member

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You Did It! 

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