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Lore and myth give dragons many faces, from loyal friends and protectors to destructive enemies. Whether friend or foe, the dragon archetype is what it needs to be to serve those who are graced with an encounter. In divine alchemical perfection harmonizing masculine and feminine energy, dragons elegantly call forth a vast synthesis of healing energies to serve humankind. One need only invite their embrace and open to their wisdom as they hold dear and sacred all who dwell in our world. You are sovereign. You are grace, beauty, truth, and divinity in action. You and all you create is sacred.


We invite you to connect with the Sacred Dragon as part of your book journey.

The Sacred Dragon Publishing imprint is for works of fiction and non-fiction inspiring higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Artwork by Natassia Nicolau

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Sacred Dragon Publishing began as a belief that there is a better alternative for authors who are not satisfied with either self-publishing or traditional publishing. Andi has shaped that belief into a unique opportunity for authors to have a publishing partner without handing over creative license, excessive royalties, and book sales.


In these challenging times, readers are seeking wisdom and imaginative inspiration, and connection.  As never before, writers are responding with new and innovative ways of storytelling to change how we think about ourselves and our changing world. 

Andi is passionate about giving new writers a publication platform that honors and respects who they are, what they have to say, their creativity sovereignty, and right to thrive.

From thought-provoking stories about our human experience and rekindled ancient wisdom to inspiring messages for our evolving humanity, Andi wants to bring your vision for a better world to readers everywhere.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Andi Rosenau spent over 30 years in public service as a prosecutor, attorney, and military officer before turning to their long-time passion for writing and publishing. Dedicating this enduring commitment to the highest ideals of service, trust, and integrity is more than Andi's mission, it's a promise.

Join Andi in making a positive difference one book at a time!


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Francine Marie-Sheppard is an artist, designer, writer, and teacher born in San Francisco, California, and currently living in France. Throughout her career, Francine has focused on supporting the evolution of conscious creativity and energy awareness. She teaches intuition and conscious creativity online through her educational company Wild Soul Life which also hosts the Creative Intuition Lab.


She brings a wealth of experience with consciousness training, arts education, and world travel to her work as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sacred Dragon Publishing.


Her curiosity as a trained social scientist and intuitive informs her overall view of a book and its context in our world. Francine believes creative books and creativity in all its forms can unlock doors to other forms of expression and communication and is an invaluable tool in connecting us to each other.

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We work with a team of freelancers from illustrators and graphic artists to book layout and formatting experts to ensure you have the best design partners for your book.