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Founder | Editor 

Andi (Angela) Rosenau is a certified copyeditor, writer, and trained Intuitive Coach. Born in Alberta, Canada, and based in Los Angeles, California, Andi has over 20 years of public service experience as a criminal prosecutor and military officer. She also has an extensive background in a broad range of spiritual teachings and experiences, including serving as meditation center director. Andi's enduring commitment to the highest ideals of service and integrity continues as a personal core value.

In 2019, a profound awakening experience in Sedona, Arizona, drew Andi toward a new path of quantum evolution through love, creative joy, sovereignty, and multidimensional wholeness. After retiring from public service, she pursued her long-time passion for inspirational writing by publishing books that inspire the evolution of higher consciousness as a new paradigm for our shared humanity.

Andi created Sacred Dragon Publishing as a unique hybrid solution for experiencing an intuitive partnership that supports writers on their personal journey of creating their books and becoming published authors. Andi is deeply passionate about giving writers a publication platform that empowers and elevates creative expression without divesting creative license, foreign rights, or book sales.

Andi combines decades of team management with caring intuitive sensitivity to create a positive, supportive, and productive platform for a rewarding and inspiring publishing partnership. 

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Artwork by Natassia Nicolau

Dragons appear in a vast and rich literary lexicon of legend and myth shared throughout the millennia in every corner of the globe. For as long as we have recorded the human story, we have recounted the dragons’ story.


Dragons possess a mastery of the elemental energies of earth, air, fire, and water far beyond our own. They wield wisdom, magic, and great power in shaping worlds where they are brought to life through stories.


But beyond mere mythos, the dragon is an archetypal energy, a higher dimensional consciousness, a very real part of our unseen world serving humanity to reclaim the truth of who we are as sovereign creator beings. In divine alchemical perfection harmonizing masculine and feminine energy, dragons elegantly call forth a vast synthesis of wisdom and healing energies to serve humankind. They hold dear all who dwell in our world. You and all you create are sacred.

In collaboration with the co-creative energy of the Sacred Dragon, we offer a publishing imprint for works of non-fiction and fiction that inspire higher consciousness for an evolving world and awakening humanity.


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