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The Enlightened Road. A Travel Guide for the Awakening Soul

Wow! Talk about the fast track on the train to enlightenment! The last two years have been a whirlwind of 3D adventures and multidimensional downloads. 


At the age of 50, I was diagnosed with clinical depression throwing my life into a tailspin. Doctors prescribed the usual medications and therapies, but none of it worked. My sons stepped in and introduced me to meditation and breathwork, which turned out to be exactly what I needed. The experience led to a life-altering adventure that took me across the country on a solo road trip. Along the way, I experienced deep awakenings through a series of synchronicities and met a new tribe of enlightened friends in Sedona, Arizona.

When I returned home, I was inspired to continue my spiritual journey and left a government job I held for nearly thirty years to follow my heart by exploring and cultivating my new awakening soul.


In my first book, The Enlightened Road. A Travel Guide for the Awakening Soul, anticipated for publication in December 2021, I chronicle my cross-country journey. I share detailed directions to specific locations and attractions as well as my own spiritual perspectives and insights I discovered along the way. Written as both an exciting and insightful guidebook for planning our own road trip and a chronology of my spiritual awakening to inspire your inner journey, it is a unique companion for your next travel adventure. I am also a co-founding member of the Ludus Magnus Gladiatorus, one of a very few, ancient Roman gladiator reenactment groups in the United States. Along with my sons, I give lectures and perform historically accurate demonstrations of gladiatorial combat at schools, museums, and festivals. I am absolutely convinced that my knowledge of ancient Roman history and the ease with which I have mastered my gladiatorial fighting techniques is due to muscle and cognitive memory of a past life as a first-century Roman named Anton. I have a very deep psychic awareness of this past life experience, which has illuminated Anton’s world in stunning detail and inspired me to tell our story. I am currently working on the manuscript for the first book in a series about his extraordinary life. 


Since Anton and I have been in communication, he has been a true light in my life. Our relationship has evolved into one of mutual respect, so it is only fitting that a brief bio about myself includes a greeting from Anton. 


"Ave, citizens of the world. My family, friends, and those closest to me, know me as Anton. During the days of my glory, the Roman mob knew me as the gladiator Tritonius—one of the deadliest, skilled, and entertaining gladiators to ever spill blood on the sands of the arena. Although my communication with Al is primarily to assist in the advancement of his enlightenment, selfishly, I feel it is the perfect time in history to make your world aware of my story. It is a travesty that the first name that comes to a man's lips when speaking of gladiators is the name, Spartacus. Why should the name of a traitor who dishonored his brothers, and broke the hearts of his loyal fans, carries so much glory throughout time? It is now my turn!


“Anton of Antioch is not your average gladiator tale. For my story is that of a spiritually enlightened man living in a time of extreme brutality. Strumming certain chords on a beautifully crafted lyre gifted to me by a deity, I manipulate sound frequencies to cosmically travel through time, space, and dimensions acquiring wisdom and knowledge. But don't let my enlightened mind fool you. For all the compassion I have for those less fortunate and the kindness and generosity I freely share, I am also a brutal killer. I am a shrewd and persuasive negotiator. I am an entertainer. I am as good as I am bad. I am as kind as I am dangerous. I am the definition of the anti-hero. And most of all, I am in my being the truth of Divine masculine energy lost in your times.”

My apologies. Anton’s ancient Roman crudeness can make him appear a little boisterous and insensitive to us. I assure you that he means well. The stories that he has shared with me, which I will soon be sharing with you, are a riveting combination of the glory, honor, brutality, bloodshed, love, lust, and chicanery of ancient Rome interwoven with the spiritual awakening of a man who by all appearances is entirely unfit for such a path. Brutal battles, erotic encounters, and Roman palace intrigue will clash with spirituality, astral projection, and metaphysics. Together we will relive Anton's relationships with a cast of characters who are just as intriguing as he is. 


I am very grateful that I can now share my stories and insights with you. 


Al was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and now resides in Jackson, New Jersey. He has many interests and hobbies. When not working out at the gym or taking a hike or jog out in nature, you may find him singing his heart out at the local karaoke bar, or hunting ghosts at a nearby haunt. 

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Dynamics of Conversation

Hello there! My name is Iveta Kuzela. I am excited to introduce you to DYNAMICS OF CONVERSATION, a company I created to help people overcome communication barriers in their professional and personal life and empower them to enjoy the company of others by expressing themselves fluently and confidently in every conversation. After all, it is the connection with others that can bring out our uniqueness, our gifts and give life to our authentic voice.

This is a passion that wakes me up every morning. Helping people overcome their challenges and feel connected, understood, and respected is my mission. Unsatisfied with a corporate career, I found my passion for helping others laid elsewhere, and I returned to school. I earned an A.A.S degree in Integrative Health and Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching.

I also became a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) through the International Consortium of Health and Wellness. Countless hours of self-development, self-reflection, growth, and hours of coaching people from all backgrounds gave rise to Dynamics of Conversation as a program of tools and strategies to develop effective communication skills. In my workbook 12 Pillars of Dynamic Conversation will help you discover that your authentic voice is your greatest power and the most unique asset you share with the world. My method for magnifying that power uses a unique combination of adaptable pillars that takes your communication skills to another level and sets the foundation for new possibilities in all aspects of your life. It will shift the way you communicate with others resulting in better relationships, feeling open and approachable, more engaged while expressing your desires and wishes. When faced with conflicts and stressful situations, you will know how to communicate effectively and find solutions with ease.


With every struggle, I learned. With every belief, I recognized. With every action, I experienced. With every step, I raised. With every conversation, I connected. Confident communication can move the mountains.

I look forward to helping you become a Dynamic Conversationalist.

All new beginnings start with a conversation!

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Secrets of the Honey Time

Come closer, I want to tell you a secret. There’s more to you than meets the eye. A part of you is buried deep in the Earth. A part of you is hidden in the night sky. The time is ripe to reveal the secrets of The Honey Time. Will you sit at the foot of the Bard’s Tree? Close your eyes, imagine a time when life was sensuous and sweet, the flowers could sing, and you shined like the Sun. 

Walking for hours in the Redwood forests, jumping in the ocean when the pod of Dolphins appear or waking up early to see the sunrise on Ama Dablam, Nature is my thing - where I feel most at home. Some of us are born with a date with destiny. Never was there a time when I didn’t feel that I had something big to do. A sense of urgency revved in the back of my mind like I was constantly running late for life.


There are certain moments in life - Rites of Passage - that flick the switch to step up and step out into the world to embrace life in a bigger way. My life has had many ups and downs, twists and turns but like they say, “Tutte le strade portano a Roma - All paths leave to Rome”. My gifts, skills, and talents have somehow come together to remember this book of love as my contribution to the world. Astrology, Sound Healing, Taoist Cosmology, and my past life memories have joined forces to rediscover and write my first book the Secrets of the Honey Time.

Shannon Murray resides in her native Island home in Northern California with her family and an adorable Jindo named Lyra White Tara. She is a Cosmologist by day helping clients reconnect to their soul-purpose driven lives and a creative dream collector of Star stories by night.



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No Gold Without the Dragon


Heather Linn is a quantum healer, psychic reader, spiritual teacher, writer, and Earth keeper. Her passion is facilitating journeys of transformation and assisting people in living a soul-led life. She holds two university degrees and has trained extensively in the healing arts in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Heather has a thriving healing practice in Cape Town, South Africa, and works online with clients worldwide. She is also the founder of The Emerald Wisdom School, an online learning portal for awakening hearts, and brings a wealth of experience as a healer to the School’s online courses and webinars. 


In her upcoming teaching memoir, No Gold without the Dragon, Heather tells the story of her journey as a healer, sharing insights and wisdom about the healing process and the alchemy of transformation. Numerous case studies describing her healing work with clients are woven into the narrative, inviting the reader into the intriguing world of quantum energy. It is an inspirational story for knowledge seekers and spiritual seekers alike.

Heather lives with her Dutch husband and Tonkinese cat in a seaside conservation village at the southern tip of Africa. Early morning walks on the beach, plunging into the icy Atlantic, and wandering in the local fynbos-covered mountains are her daily wellsprings of joy and creative inspiration.

Find out more about Heather and The Emerald Wisdom School on her website.


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A Modern Fairy Tale

I am the Princess of my fairy tale with life.  Our lives are made from the stories we tell ourselves along the way, and fiction can become fact by our own creation. This story is mine to tell and knowing this allows me to keep turning the page even when life writes in an unexpected tragedy, my roles are changed, or characters leave the stage.

Once upon a time, I worked very hard to create a version of myself that would be considered attractive and successful in this world. Becoming an alcoholic wasn’t what I had planned, and the illusion that my story had to be perfect almost killed me. However, a stronger character emerged from within, and I was able to act sober long enough for it to become my reality in the next chapter. Fueled by this newfound courage, I took on the roles of an elder law attorney and business owner. 

Beyond my wildest fairy tale dreams, a real-life prince made a late entrance upon the stage. In each other, we recognized the lost and found treasures of our hidden selves. We never stopped thinking that in finding each other, we had won the lottery. Our love existed on a frequency above what I had ever known in this lifetime, and we created a life of miracles in our kingdom. Dancing in and out of each other’s orbit, we flew to the highest heights until he was grounded by cancer. Then in 2019, he died in my arms, and that most beautiful chapter came to an end. 


Early in the exploration of grief in my new reality, the world around me went into lockdown. I fell further into a vortex of pain and disillusionment about my legal career as I saw my wings getting clipped from every angle. My spirit rebelled. Knowing that I had once created a life of freedom, love, and un-masked beauty, I could never again settle for anything less.


Now I am no longer a lawyer. I am no longer a wife. But above all, I am still here. I have always been the creator of my story and the reality I choose as my experience of this life. As I write, I am uncovering truths about myself beyond what the world has so far seen or even allowed. I am finding a multi-dimensional truth behind all previous façades. Freed from the roles I have played and the labels I have taken upon myself, I am still here. And my story is not over. 


I am writing this book as a fairy tale about a princess in the modern world who is determined to create her own happily ever after. As she weaves her tapestry with life, its textures become rich and varied beneath the surface when she opens her eyes to see them. Our stories are all as beautiful or wicked as we proclaim them to be. 


So come with me as we pierce the veil of illusions to see our true selves in the mystery of it all. In the end, we have all come here to find out who we really are, and I invite you with me on this mystical journey. We are the treasure we seek in every adventure, the pearl seed that is beyond compare. I invite you on this treasure hunt with life as I write the happy ending we all deserve.

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Wake Up! and Rise Up! 

Suzanne Ross has dedicated her life to enhancing the lives of others. After a divine intervention on a mountaintop over 25 years ago, she dove into the field of wellness. In the last 10 years, she has taken a more spiritual approach to her offerings. After many miraculous, spiritual, and paranormal events, she has developed the ability to channel, do automatic writing, perform psychic readings, tune into interdimensional planes and download advanced knowledge and wisdom about many topics to do with creation, the true nature of reality, consciousness, DNA, Starseed origins, eternity and infinity, the Divine Source, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and many spiritual techniques and practices for advancing and evolving consciousness. These downloads led her to writing the first two books of the Up! trilogy: Wake Up! and Rise Up!. 


Suzanne is currently writing the third book of the series Lighten Up! and anticipates publication in Fall 2022. She also created SciSpi.TV, an internet TV network with several channels and over 30 shows, some of which she hosts. Suzanne guides spiritual journeys for groups and individuals in the vortex sites of Sedona, Arizona. She also offers sessions and readings in-person and online. For the past six years, she has been hosting annual Spring and Fall equinox events in Sedona.  She has been a speaker and presenter at numerous events and appeared on many TV and radio shows around the world. 


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Be Still My Heart

Shaku Selvakumar is a writer and marketing and communications executive who has worked for companies like IBM, Shell, and CognitiveScale. Currently, she is the founder of Activateen, which provides educational programs and content for teenagers and college students. She is also a speaker and a prolific writer. Her articles have appeared in various global publications.

Shaku holds a BA in Literature and Sociology, a post-graduate degree in Mass Communications, and a master’s in business administration from the University of Bradford. She serves on the boards of Communities IN Schools Central Texas and Amplify Credit Union and is part of the Austin A-List committee for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. 



Shaku lives in Austin, Texas with her daughters and her “panda dog”. When she is not writing poetry or dabbling in digital art, she loves exploring new hiking trails. Her first book of poetry, Be Still My Heart is inspired by the natural and healing beauty of Central Texas. 


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Mind Your Music

John Henry Sheridan’s story is one of chasing the rock star dream, getting halfway there, and realizing that there is a simpler and more meaningful path of life awaiting him.


His interests lie in empowering people to follow their dreams, listen to their hearts, and enjoy their lives. In his recently self-published book Mind Your Music, John Henry shares his core messages regarding the connection between music and well-being in an uplifting mind-body-spirit self-help book.


John Henry is a long-time singer-songwriter, guitarist, teacher, composer, and musician. Along with his formal musical training in both classical and jazz music, he also has accumulated several years of practical experience as a member and contributing songwriter for various metal, rock, blues, pop, and folk groups (see John Henry’s ARCHIVES). 

John Henry Sheridan’s story is one of chasing the rock star dream, getting halfway there, and realizing that there is a simpler and more meaningful path of life awaiting him.


His interests lie in empowering people to follow their dreams, listen to their hearts, and enjoy their lives. In his recently self-published book Mind Your Music, John Henry shares his core messages regarding the connection between music and well-being in an uplifting mind-body-spirit self-help book.


John Henry is a long-time singer-songwriter, guitarist, teacher, composer, and musician. Along with his formal musical training in classical and jazz music, he has accumulated several years of practical experience as a member and contributing songwriter for various metal, rock, blues, pop, and folk groups (see John Henry’s ARCHIVES). 

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The Creative Seers Way

Francine Mayalen is the pen name for Francine Marie-Sheppard, is a teacher of conscious creativity and clairvoyance, an artist, designer, writer, and world traveler. Born in San Francisco, California, she currently lives in central France in an old stone house with a fabulous barn studio where she does her daily creative practice, writes, teaches, and mentors makers and doers in all kinds of careers. Francine is also the Co-Founder of Sacred Dragon Publishing.


She is the creator of The Seers Way Method and founder of The Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness, one of the first online training schools for clairvoyant development. She brings 20 plus years of teaching intuitive development and seers’ skills to her book, The Creative Seers Way, in which she shares her tools, techniques, and wisdom. This book was written for those who want to empower their inner visionary and step into a bold and brave new way of navigating life and manifesting their dreams. When you combine your powerful creative energy with the ability to see your energy blueprint, you begin to reclaim creative sovereignty in your life and world.