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Sacred Dragon Publishing is a rare gem in the publishing world. Andi and Francine are genuine book doulas. That is the only way to describe the level of attention and care that I received throughout the editing and design process. I’m deeply grateful to Andi for her outstanding editing work. Her artful wordsmithing and incisive commentary exacted my best effort and took my book to the next level. Not only did she go the extra mile, but she succeeded in making a marathon project a lot of fun.

I’m also indebted to Francine for parachuting into the editorial space with inspirational input throughout the process, for generously giving time and ideas when some rewriting was needed, and for creating a visually beautiful book.

I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Sacred Dragon Publishing and can wholeheartedly recommend their team. 

Heather Linn
No Gold Without the Dragon:
Wisdom Teachings of a Quantum Healer
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John Henry Sheridan
Mind Your Music

Choosing to work with Andi and Sacred Dragon Publishing was a key factor in developing my confidence and skill as an author and in creating my first paperback book containing my spiritual philosophy and life experience regarding music. This collaboration helped greatly in refining and honing a somewhat rough message into a very smooth and clear one. I am very grateful for our relationship and proud of the work I created with the direct assistance of Sacred Dragon Publishing. As a spiritually-inclined independent publisher myself, I highly recommend considering working with SDP as a potential avenue for creating a beautiful product with people who are sensitive to spiritual themes, messages, and lifestyles. Did I also mention fair pricing, good vibes, and professionalism?

To go public with one’s work is a daunting task, and I truly appreciated the way Andi and Francine collaborated with me and their hybrid approach between traditional publishers and self-publishing. By respecting the creative process and meeting the author on their journey, the book became less about validation and more about preserving the authentic voice. Their intuitive and nurturing approach helped me push past my own inner resistance, and their ability to rein in the chaos led the book to its completion. While Sacred Dragon Publishing was established to help authors bring their work to the public, the heart of this company is creative, and it speaks to those who wish to push the limits of their creative mastery and not be afraid to walk a little on the wild side! 

Shaku Selvakumar
Be Still My Heart
Iveta Kuzela.jpg
Iveta Kuzela
Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook

I deeply appreciated the extraordinary help and support I have received from Andi, who so generously shared her knowledge and expertise that contributed to and encouraged the development of my workbook at all stages. Her outstanding editing assistance, along with constructive feedback, patience, and warm touch, made the process and completing my workbook gracious and approachable. I also greatly appreciated working with Francine Marie-Sheppard. Her magnificently intuitive artistry took my book vision to a whole new level of creative expression. From idea to a beautiful masterpiece targeting my ideal audience, Francine made my process of discovery and application a passionate journey, elevating my vision, reinforcing my message, and aligning my mission with my highest good.

It's absolutely true when I say that without these two powerful and kind women, my book would not be the treasure it is. Thank you!

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