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Nothing improves your manuscript more than good editing. Multiple editing services are available to enhance your writing depending on your needs and budget.


Developmental editing is the most comprehensive type of editing for improving the overall style and structure of your manuscript. Line editing and copy editing focus on increasingly more detailed revisions to improve your manuscript.


Line editing smooths out sentence and paragraph structure to make your writing more clear and consistent. Copy-editing corrects grammar and punctuation to improve readability. 


We are here to help you with whatever editing services you need to make your manuscript shine.

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Why not give your book the professional look it deserves?

We help you manifest your vision through a design concept process that elevates your message and mission. From cover design and illustrations to page layout and formatting, our team of design and formatting specialists will work with you to create a book that will stand out on any bookshelf.


Our design team will also work with you to develop graphic designs for marketing assets and branding.

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Author mentoring takes your creative experience to a whole new level of connection with your inner visionary through a holistic approach to your creative process and expression. Coaching support includes online sessions tailored to elevate and inspire your book journey and creative vision.

Sign-up for a free consultation to see if your inner author is ready to level up!

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You have options when it's time to publish and sell your books. With self-publishing, you retain complete ownership of your book and can sell it however and wherever you want. While traditional publishers reject most manuscripts, if you get a publishing contract, it typically requires handing over total control of your book and, unless your book is a big seller, you earn limited royalties that are used to pay off any advances or fees and costs you owe.

Sacred Dragon Publishing takes a different approach. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you are involved in book design, retain foreign rights, limited rights to sell your book, and earn generous royalties. Publishing offers are tailored to meet your needs and provide the support of a caring publishing partner.

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Availability of author services and publishing is the sole discretion of Sacred Dragon Publishing.

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