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Nothing improves your manuscript more than good editing. Multiple editing services are available to enhance your writing depending on where you need the most help and your budget.


Developmental editing is the most comprehensive type of editing to improve overall style and structure of your manuscript.


Line editing, copy editing, and proofreading focus on increasingly more detailed revisions to improve your manuscript. Line editing smooths out sentence and paragraph structure to make your writing clearer, consistent, and captivating. Copy-editing corrects grammar and punctuation to improve readability. Proofreading reviews your manuscript in fine detail for typographical errors and misspellings and is an essential last step before publication.


We are here to help you with whatever editing services you need to make your manuscript shine.


Why not give your manuscript the professional look and feel it deserves? From page layout to interior illustrations and cover design, our team of design specialists will work with you to a create a book that will look standout on any book shelf.


Once the manuscript and book design are done, the next step is formatting your book for print and eBook publication. If you are self-publishing, you can do this on your own, but it's a detailed painstaking process and you will likely be thrilled to have us format your book for you.


Stay in your creative space, and let us do all the work to make your book pop! 

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When it's time to publish and sell your books, there are lots of options. With self-publishing, you have complete ownership over your book and can sell it however and wherever you want. All sales proceeds and royalties go to you. To publish your book through a publishing house, you can submit your manuscript to as many publishers as you like and see which one is the right fit for you. Many traditional publishers, however, have rigorous reviews and reject most manuscripts. If you get a publishing contract, it typically requires handing over total control of your book, including creative license, in exchange for minimal royalties.

Sacred Dragon Publishing takes a different approach. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you retain creative collaboration, limited rights to sell your own books, and up to 70% royalties. We also offer a special promotion package in partnership with SciSpi.Tv that can launch you and your book to a whole new level of success! Like everything we do at Sacred Dragon Publishing, it's your choice. We are here to serve you as your publishing partner.


If you are currently working on a manuscript or just have a book idea you would like to develop, one-to-one book development coaching with Andi may be right for you.


Andi's book development program includes one-to-one Zoom sessions and writing reviews. Sign-up for a free consultation to see if this is the right next step for inner author!

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