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Sacred Dragon Publishing is thrilled to announce Shaku Selvakumar as our featured author.  Shaku found her voice as a poet following the tragic loss of a dear friend. Through her journey from grief and loss to a celebration of the resilience of the creativity of life, she found strength in the power of verse to heal and guide.


Her first published book of poetry, Be Still My Heart is a living journey of inspired by the seasonal cycles of life. It is offered to meet you in those moments where truth lies only in messages of your heart. From moments of retreat and repair, where solace lies only in the innermost quietude, to soulfully healing through the joyful connection with natural wonder and renewal of the inspiration and beauty of life, this collection of poems serves as a trusted friend and guide.

Shaku's delightful and imaginative artwork appears in the illustrations throughout her book. 


Shaku is a writer and marketing and communications executive who has worked for companies like IBM, Shell, and CognitiveScale. Currently, she is the founder of Activateen, which provides educational programs and content for teenagers and college students. She is also a speaker and a prolific writer. Her articles have appeared in various global publications.Shaku holds a BA in Literature and Sociology, a post-graduate degree in Mass Communications, and a master’s in business administration from the University of Bradford. She serves on the boards of Communities IN Schools Central Texas and Amplify Credit Union and is part of the Austin A-List committee for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.


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Wow! Talk about the fast track on the train to enlightenment! The last two years have been a whirlwind of 3D adventures and multidimensional downloads. 

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Come closer, I want to tell you a secret. There’s more to you than meets the eye. A part of you is buried deep in the Earth.

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Anne M. Deatly, PhD, after three decades as  a Principal Research Scientist, Dr. Anne is now the CEO and Founder of E Quantum Breakthroughs (EQB)

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Hello there! I am excited to introduce you to Dynamics of Conversation, a company I created to help people overcome communication barriers in their professional and personal life

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Heather Linn is a quantum healer, psychic reader, spiritual teacher, and writer with a thriving healing practice in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Suzanne Ross has dedicated her life to enhancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of her clients, and readers.


Shaku Selvakumar is a writer and marketing and communications executive who has worked for companies like IBM, Shell and CognitiveScale.

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John Henry Sheridan’s story is one of chasing the rock star dream, getting halfway there, and realizing that there is a simpler and more meaningful path of life awaiting him.

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Iveta Kuzela, author of 

The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook

I deeply appreciated the extraordinary help and support I have received from Andi, who so generously shared her knowledge and expertise that contributed to and encouraged the development of my workbook at all stages. Her outstanding editing assistance, along with constructive feedback, patience, and warm touch, made the process and completing my workbook gracious and approachable. I also greatly appreciated working with Francine Marie-Sheppard. Her magnificently intuitive artistry took my book vision to a whole new level of creative expression. From idea to a beautiful masterpiece targeting my ideal audience, Francine made my process of discovery and application a passionate journey, elevating my vision, reinforcing my message, and aligning my mission with my highest good.

It's absolutely true when I say that without these two powerful and kind women, my book would not be the treasure it is. Thank you!

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